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The 100 Keywords with Most Expensive Doctor Keywords

Most Expensive Doctor Keywordsfigures out what doctor keywords are most expensive to advertise on as a function of cost per click and the number of searches per day. It then ranks keywords from the most expensive per day. Click on any keyword in the list to get more detailed information.

1eye doctor near me$15.7k
2doctors near me$11.7k
4online doctor$10.9k
5eye doctors near me$8.13k
6eye doctor$8.05k
7doctor dre$6.79k
8rug doctor$6.18k
9online doctoral programs$4.26k
10on line doctors$4.24k
11doctor of education$4.15k
12online doctor visit$4.06k
13online doctors$3.95k
14foot doctor$3.4k
15lawn doctor$3.19k
16rug doctor rental$3.18k
17ask a doctor$3.15k
18online doctorate programs$2.87k
19foot doctor near me$2.78k
20doctor near me$2.51k
21orthopedic doctor$2.48k
22online doctorate in education$2.44k
23primary care doctors near me$2.43k
24doctor appointment$2.12k
25on line doctor$2.09k
26eye doctors$1.99k
27online doctoral program$1.96k
28doctors online$1.91k
29pain management doctors near me$1.82k
30doctorate degree$1.78k
31family doctor near me$1.77k
32glass doctor$1.76k
33online education doctoral programs$1.7k
34doctors on demand$1.52k
35doctors note for work$1.52k
36doctoral degrees$1.48k
37primary care doctor$1.48k
38doctor degree$1.43k
39find doctor$1.39k
40doctor strange$1.39k
41doctoral program$1.39k
42diet doctor$1.38k
43vein doctor$1.36k
44back doctor$1.32k
45diamond doctor$1.31k
46online doctoral degree$1.31k
47find a doctor$1.29k
48weight loss doctors$1.26k
49doctorate in nursing practice$1.25k
50talk to a doctor online$1.25k
51doctorate of education$1.21k
52insurance doctor$1.21k
53weight loss doctor$1.18k
54united healthcare doctors$1.15k
55suboxone doctors near me$1.12k
56doctorate in psychology$1.11k
57doctorate in education online programs$1.09k
58doctor of nursing practice$1.08k
59gastrointestinal doctors near me$1.06k
60doctorate nursing$1.06k
61back pain doctor$1.05k
62Doctor Jobs$1.05k
63sports medicine doctor$1.05k
64knee doctor$1.02k
65doctors note$976
66find a doctor near me$959
67medical doctor near me$950
68doctorate in business administration$909
69foot doctors near me$901
70ear doctor$894
71doctorate degree in education$877
72fertility doctor$869
73ask a doctor free$859
74doctor loan$848
75orthopedic doctors$847
76online business doctoral programs$835
78doctorate degree online$795
79online doctorate in psychology$790
80ortho doctor$775
81naturopathic doctor$771
82phone doctor$764
83primary doctors near me$758
84doctor in education$758
85ent doctor near me$746
86orthopedic doctor near me$736
87online doctorate programs in education$727
88online doctor prescription$723
89pain doctors$719
90primary care doctors$698
91psychology doctoral programs$692
92find a doctor anthem blue cross$682
94vascular doctor$662
95pain management doctors$655
96ent doctors near me$631
97erectile dysfunction doctor$627
98doctor martens$623
99occupational therapy doctorate$616
100doctor of business administration online$609