The 100 Keywords with Health ranks in AdWords

1health insurance$136k
3united health care$67.4k
6health insurance quote$21.3k
7aarp health insurance$15.5k
8health insurance texas$15.2k
9health insurance companies$14.6k
11health insurance california$13.9k
12florida health insurance$12.8k
13small business health insurance$12k
14cheap health insurance$11.4k
15humana health insurance$10.4k
16blink health$9.89k
17health insurance for small business$9.47k
18individual health insurance$9.03k
19home health care$8.38k
20aetna health insurance$7.38k
21cigna health insurance$7.36k
22online health care degree$7.26k
23temporary health insurance$6.93k
24marketplace health insurance$6.77k
25public health master$6.6k
26masters of public health$6.56k
27health insurance for self employed$6.33k
28health insurance colorado$5.97k
29nc health insurance$5.57k
30united health$5.45k
31health administration masters$5.3k
32travel health insurance$5.27k
33health care gov$5.1k
34health net$5.04k
36masters in public health$4.88k
37georgia health insurance$4.66k
38free health insurance$4.64k
39united health insurance$4.62k
40home health aide$4.58k
41nj health insurance$4.56k
42health care$4.38k
43affordable health care$4.34k
45united health care plans$4.21k
46health articles$4.14k
47supplemental health insurance$4.09k
48health care administration$4.08k
49best health insurance$4.07k
50health information management$4k
51catastrophic health insurance$3.99k
52health care plans$3.93k
53ohio health insurance$3.92k
54united health care providers$3.83k
55low cost health insurance$3.81k
56medicare health insurance$3.8k
57group health insurance$3.79k
58horizon nj health$3.67k
59cheapest health insurance$3.53k
60health marketplace$3.5k
61liberty health share$3.47k
62electronic health records$3.44k
63health insurance for kids$3.39k
64low income health insurance$3.3k
65health coach certification$3.3k
66personal health insurance$3.29k
67indiana health insurance$3.26k
68health insurance illinois$3.25k
69cobra health insurance$3.25k
70health coach$3.24k
71how to get health insurance$3.24k
72health and dental insurance$3.23k
73health first$3.16k
74health insurance florida$3.16k
75athena health$3.03k
76truvision health$3.01k
77health insurance arizona$2.98k
78business health insurance$2.89k
79kaiser health insurance$2.88k
80novant health$2.83k
81health administration degree$2.81k
82aarp supplemental health insurance$2.75k
83buy health insurance$2.74k
84individual health insurance plans$2.71k
85california health insurance$2.69k
86master public health online$2.68k
87health group insurance$2.66k
88supplemental health care$2.64k
89health information technology$2.61k
90health savings account$2.55k
91mass health$2.55k
92short term health insurance$2.47k
93electronic health record$2.46k
94emblem health$2.35k
95blue cross blue shield health insurance$2.3k
96virginia health insurance$2.3k
97ca health insurance$2.27k
98mass health connector$2.23k
99united health care careers$2.19k
100affordable health insurance$2.17k